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May & June News: Natural Bug 🐜 Deterrents, Summer CSA 🌾 starting, Garden 🌻 Tour , Upcoming Weekly talks, New Classes & more...

"Each dream is an information and control organ and therefore the most effective remedy in building the personality." ~Prof. C.G. Jung
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May 25, 2017 - Volume 8, Edition 4 -
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May & June News

  • Natural Bug Deterrents --- Check out the options we have for you!
  • CSA Signups! New Farm 🚜 & Organic Eggs 🥚 --- We've partnered with a new farm for CSAs this year
  • Natural Sunscreen Option --- Astaxanthin
  • Upcoming Classes --- "Colorpuncture for Me and My Family" and "Introduction to the Esogetics Crystal Therapies"
  • You're Invited! --- Our House is on the Garden Tour this year in Little Bohemia, and we'd love if you'd stop by
  • "What is..." Series Upcoming talks:
    • Find out about the new "What is..." Series of talks, and other things coming up
  • New Client Special with SchaOn --- Start addressing long-standing issues... naturally.
  • What all do we do: Just a quick list of some of the things we offer...
  • Psinergy's Online Herb & Supplement Dispensary --- 10-25% off, fast shipping and a great way to get what you need when it's -20°F!
  • More Upcoming Events around Town
  • Natural Awakenings Twin Cities: 
         "Herbs that Beat the Heat"

Natural Bug Deterrents

Happy Spring to early Summer! Things are blooming, the nights are cool and it is so nice to sit outside listening to the frogs. If you haven't noticed already, mosquitos and ticks are already out, and I know many in our community really dislike products with Deet in them. Here are some natural options for you (some of which we carry).

Some herbs and remedies to think about this time of year:

  • Neem Oil - It's nice for the skin, helps to release excess heat, and has been shown to be a fantastic option when trying to repel bugs and mosquitos. Some studies have even said it's as good as, if not better than, Deet! Additionally, you can also apply Neem to plants to keep them bug-free. (currently out of stock, but we have some on order)
  • Bug Be Gone by Amrita Aromatherapy is a synergistic blend of Eucalyptus Citriodora, Citronella, Lavandin, Peppermint, Rosemary, & Catnip. (available)
  • Neem & Aloe Soap by Banyan Botanicals is a new soap we are carrying that is really good for dealing with the summer heat, but also bugs! It smells great and is very grounding as it has Vetiver Essential Oil in it as well!
  • Soothing Skin Balm - This is a wonderfully blended herbal balm by Banyan Botanicals that incorporates Neem and other oils (like Castor and Sunflower) and herbs that help with common summer skin issues. It's great to put onto bug bites, and fantastic for helping with sunburn.
  • Van Van Oil by Coventry Creations - one of the main ingredients in this oil blend is Citronella. So, while it's helping keep the mosquitos at bay, it's also helping to push out other negative energy and bring in more positivity.
Find out more options in last year's blog post, "Natural Bug & Mosquito Repellents"

New Farm & Organic Eggs available at Psinergy

André Thomas

The Spring CSA has begun and the Summer CSA is almost here! We've been receiving the Spring CSA, and honestly, it's AMAZING! Make sure to sign up. The Summer CSA deliveries are every Thursday.

Find out more about the Share Options with Earth Dance Farm

SchaOn talked with Norm a few weeks back, here's the video.

Natural Sunscreen Option


Astaxanthin is considered a Super Anti-oxidant, and many have found that it is a great option for sunscreen.

We personally carry the Deva Vegan Astaxanthin as it is naturally produced (not synthetic like some others out there), GMO-Free, etc. We've personally used it, and to be honest... it's pretty great.

A 30-day supply (30 capsules 4mg each) is only $12.99 and available in the clinic (or) via the online dispensary.

New Upcoming Classes

Esogetics Holistic Medicine

SchaOn has been authorized to teach 2 new Esogetics classes in MN and Western Wisconsin!

The first class, "Colorpuncture for Me and My Family" is a full one-day class. This class covers the Function Circle therapies (Ki/Bl, Li/GB, St/Spl/Panc, Lu/Colon, and Ht/SI), Converter Point & Joint therapies for pain, Genital Converter points, Coordination therapies for Day and Night rhythms, therapies for complaints dealing with the Stomach, Restlessness, Sleep issues, Immune Boosting therapies, flu, ear issues, and more.

The second class is "Introduction to the Esogetics Crystal Therapies" and a full one day class. If you are into Crystal Healing, or want a taste of the next level of healing... this is a class that you will totally want to join. Once I get the new updated manual for this class, I will email out some more information as I want to confirm exactly which therapies are included.

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Classes, Talks and more...

Classes & Talks at Psinergy

We have a lot of things starting up in the old garage space that we've converted into a meeting and classroom space. We will be scheduling more events, and also opening the space up for others to teach and utilize very soon!

Current List of "What is..." Talks:
*All talks start at 6:30 PM

  • Wed. 5/31 - Druidism
  • Wed. 6/7 - OGT therapies (Ophthalmotropic Genetic Therapy) (was Water Blessing, but that is getting rescheduled)
  • Wed. 6/14 - I-Ching therapy
  • Wed. 6/21 - Experiential Group Sound Therapy: Vitality (in honor of Summer Solstice)
  • Wed. 6/28 - TBD
  • Wed. 7/5 - Summer Balancing Foods & Kitchari

For a calendar of all the events happening, go to:

Want to be a presenter? Submit your Proposal

June 10, 2017
10 a.m.  to 4 p.m.
Little Bohemia Neighborhood

Each year, this free, self-guided walking tour features the historic St. Paul bluff neighborhoods and unique streetscapes of West 7th Street, more than a dozen locations are showcased, often ranging from flower gardens, farm in the city complete with sheep and chickens, fresh vegetables and herbs, and a winter garden house. 

As a part of the event, descriptive maps and a sale of donated plants, garden tools, and garden art are available at the Fort Road Federation (974 West 7th St) and help to pay for the Tour. Invite your friends and neighbors to a wonderful day!

Download a copy of the 2017 West End Garden Tour event brochure!

New Client Special!

We have simple solutions to help you with your exhausting mountain of Stress. Schedule your Initial Consultation with SchaOn now and receive your 1st Follow-up Session at No Charge! Just mention code "NewYou2017".

*Note: if you know someone who can benefit from Holistic Medicine, please let them know about this special ASAP - forward the email!
Schedule your Initial Consultation Now

What all do we offer here? That's a pretty big question as we offer a lot!

Additionally, on the Health side of our business, we also offer Monthly Wellness Membership to help keep maintaining your wellness more affordable. Also, almost any and all supplements can be purchased through our Online Dispensary - plus, we give you 10-25% off on each order!


And as always --- please keep referring people to us (on the tech side, for computer clients we give you a $10 credit towards future service --- on the health side we are not allowed to do that). If they have questions about what we do, or if we can help (which is very common on the health side of our business)... have them give us a call. We're pretty friendly and try to explain things well.

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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Herbs that Beat the Heat

Favorite Varieties that Flourish in Summer


Some of the best plants to keep as summer companions are herbs that enrich life with their flavors, fragrances and beauty. It's not too late to pot up a few herbs or plant them in the garden if we choose varieties that thrive in hot, summer weather.

Both Psinergy Health & Psinergy Tech are proud members of:

Twin Cities Holistic & Greener Businesses Directory

The Twin Cities Holistic & Greener Directory was created to be an affordable online resource for small and local businesses within the Twin Cities Metro region who are more holistically minded and focused on greener options and services.

Are you a small business owner? Make sure to get listed! It's fast, easy and affordable!

More info at:
Want to try out some sound healing?
We offer 22 different Esogetics Sound therapies in our office.
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