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April News: New 🌾 CSAs, Celebrating 🎉 André's Birthday, Tips for Wireless Issues, April Special - "Burnout 🔥 Release therapies", and more.

"Each dream is an information and control organ and therefore the most effective remedy in building the personality." ~Prof. C.G. Jung
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April 4, 2017 - Volume 8, Edition 3 -
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April News

  • Spring 🌱 Cleaning --- Eco-Friendly Cleaning, plus Saging, Van Van Oil & more...
  • New Farm 🚜 & Organic Eggs 🥚 --- We've partnered with a new farm for CSAs this year
  • Quick Computer Tips --- Tips from André for your Wireless Issues & The Microsoft Pop-up Scams
  • André's Birthday 🎉 --- and we're taking a mini-staycation 😁
  • Upcoming Classes, Talks & More:
    Find out about the new "What is..." Series of talks, and other things coming up
  • New Client Special with SchaOn --- Start bringing clarity back into your life...
    April Special --- Burnout Release Therapies
  • What all do we do: Just a quick list of some of the things we offer...
  • Psinergy's Online Herb & Supplement Dispensary --- 10-25% off, fast shipping and a great way to get what you need when it's -20°F!
  • More Upcoming Events around Town
  • Natural Awakenings Twin Cities: 
         "Psinergy TechWarrior wins 🏆 an award!"

It's time for Spring Cleaning

Happy Spring! Now is the time for the season ritual of purging the old, and welcoming in the new - creating and birthing, and this includes your body and mind... not just the physical space.

To help with this, SchaOn is offering Burnout Sessions for this month's special (see below). Also, it's a great time to come in for the Computer Tune-up and Cleaning with André.

Additional things available at our office for Spring would be the Van Van Oil (great for putting into the mop water), Van Van Candles. The Van Van is an all-purpose energy/space cleaner that is great anytime you feel a stuffiness to your energy or need a positive change to your luck (it's also great during Mercury Retrogrades and combine with the Happiness Candle). Van Van helps with clearing away the "ick" and opens new paths for positive opportunities. Additionally, there is also the Space Clearing Oil and Candles and a few other fun things we recently have in for this season.

Some herbs and remedies to think about this time of year:

  • Nettle (great for seasonal allergies). We have the Cleanse Tea by Pukka (available in our office)
  • Blood Cleanse by Banyan Botanicals (available in our office)
  • Drainage-Tone by Energetix (available in our office)
  • Everyday Greens by Banyan Botanicals (available in our office)
  • Neem (great for when you haven't gained your strength back after being sick - also great for the blood)
Quick Therapy Options (30-minutes or less)

New Farm & Organic Eggs available at Psinergy

André Thomas

Norm is now bringing Farm-Fresh, Organic, Free-Range Eggs every two weeks on Tuesdays. These eggs are fantastic and normally only a few days old from being laid. Eggs are $4.25/dozen.

Additionally, he has CSAs available and we are a drop location (so you can pick them up at our location).

Find out more about the Share Options with Earth Dance Farm

WiFi Issues? Here's some tips from André 

My wireless isn't working! What we're seeing & a simple fix for most…

Lately, we've been getting a lot of calls dealing with internet and wireless issues. While some have been due to malware/virus infections or hardware issues, many have been related to a similar cause… Microsoft Updates.

Microsoft has been releasing a lot of updates recently. As is somewhat common, these updates can be quite large and/or easy to "break". This can cause unexpected system performance or even hardware driver conflicts, which can present in numerous ways. If it affects the networking protocols within Windows, you can easily lose the ability to access the internet.

[Get the Quick Tip]

Question to André: "How to stop the Microsoft Pop-up Scams?"

Question to André:

Question: Andre, can you share how we can get rid of the scam that opens a dialogue box telling us to call Microsoft (of course it's not Microsoft)? The dialogue box will not close when I attempt to close; it just reappears. And I have to shut my laptop down and run virus-removal apps…. I've researched it on the web and the solution to get rid of that malware seems awfully complicated. Is it really that complicated? My temporary solution is run Avast first, followed by Malware app, which quarantines it. But the scam appears to be popping up for more often. sO aNNOyinG! Anyone else found a way to solve this without spending a lot of money?

[Get the Quick Tip]

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It's André's Birthday on April 6!

It's André's Birthday on Thursday of this week... and we're taking the opportunity to do a "Staycation!"

Fun Facts about André
  • His favorite colors are black and the wide range of grays, and really loves silver
  • He loves to bake (but not cook)
  • He's not really big on plants but does love just about all animals
  • He doesn't feel physical pain
  • His favorite mythical creature is the Dragon and has a tattoo of one on his back (and yes, you can ask to see it)
So, André and SchaOn are taking Thursday & Friday off this week (April 6 & 7th), and we're normally closed on Saturday's... and we will re-open on Sunday, April 9th (the start of Mercury Retrograde).

Classes, Talks and more...

Classes & Talks at Psinergy

We have a lot of things starting up in the old garage space that we've converted into a meeting and classroom space. We will be scheduling more events, and also opening the space up for others to teach and utilize very soon!

Current List of Upcoming stuff:

  • "What is..." Series (No Cost) - most Wednesday evenings 6:30 -7:30 PM
    Learn about the wide range of holistic health, energy healing and spiritual practices for the Mind, Body, & Soul from different speakers.
  • "Pay-what-you-can" Wellness Night - Thursday, April 13th - call to reserve your spot now. Therapy focus for April: "Allergies"
  • Holistic Self-Care: Colorpuncture for Me and My Family, TBD
  • Holistic Self-Care: Esogetics Crystal Therapies, TBD

For a calendar of all the events happening, go to: https://www.psinergyhealth.com/events

New Client Special!

We have simple solutions to help you with your exhausting mountain of Stress. Schedule your Initial Consultation with SchaOn now and receive your 1st Follow-up Session at No Charge! Just mention code "NewYou2017".

*Note: if you know someone who can benefit from Holistic Medicine, please let them know about this special ASAP - forward the email!
Schedule your Initial Consultation Now

The April Special: "Burnout Release Therapies"

Get back to having and enjoying the thriving and vibrant life you truly could be choosing!
Burnout is a huge thing today. The Chronic Stress of today's world can cause symptoms of burnout like:
  • physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion
  • depersonalization, cynicism, and detachment
  • feelings of ineffectiveness, overwhelm and lack of accomplishment
We have simple and powerful Esogetics Colorpuncture therapies that we use to help mitigate the effects of burnout.
Through the month of April, we are offering short 30-minute burnout release focused therapies to help get you out of the struggles of burnout and back into having and enjoying the thriving and vibrant life you truly could be having.
In the 30-minute mini-session, one therapy from the many we have available will be selected to help address the specific holistic symptomology of burnout you are experiencing.​
Schedule a Burnout Release Session Now

What all do we offer here? That's a pretty big question as we offer a lot!

Additionally, on the Health side of our business, we also offer Monthly Wellness Membership to help keep maintaining your wellness more affordable. Also, almost any and all supplements can be purchased through our Online Dispensary - plus, we give you 10-25% off on each order!


And as always --- please keep referring people to us (on the tech side, for computer clients we give you a $10 credit towards future service --- on the health side we are not allowed to do that). If they have questions about what we do, or if we can help (which is very common on the health side of our business)... have them give us a call. We're pretty friendly and try to explain things well.

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Psinergy TechWarrior Earns 2016 Angie's List Super Service Award

Psinergy TechWarrior Earns 2016 Angie's List Super Service AwardPsinergy TechWarrior St. Paul has earned the home service industry's coveted Angie's List Super Service Award (SSA), reflecting an exemplary year of customer service to members of the local services marketplace and consumer review site in 2016.

This achievement is particularly significant as Angie's List experienced unprecedented member growth in 2016. More than 1.6 million consumers, many of whom were eager to quickly hire highly qualified service pros, joined Angie's List after the company added a new free membership tier.

Both Psinergy Health & Psinergy Tech are proud members of:

Twin Cities Holistic & Greener Businesses Directory

The Twin Cities Holistic & Greener Directory was created to be an affordable online resource for small and local businesses within the Twin Cities Metro region who are more holistically minded and focused on greener options and services.

Are you a small business owner? Make sure to get listed! It's fast, easy and affordable!

More info at:
Want to try out some sound healing?
We offer 22 different Esogetics Sound therapies in our office.
Each session is only $10.
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