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Upcoming Events ๐Ÿ“– & other things happening at Psinergy

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Events this week

  • Upcoming Classes & Workshops:
    - Author Talk --- "Energy Psychology using Light & Color" by Manohar Croke
    - Qigong Practice Group --- Free Every Sunday!
    - Holistic Self-Care Class --- Getting Better Sleep & Activating Dreams for Healing
  • October Special --- The Psychic Boost Package
  • What all do we do: Just a quick list of some of the things we offer...
  • Psinergy's Online Herb & Supplement Dispensary --- 10-25% off, fast shipping
  • More Upcoming Events around Town
  • Natural Awakenings Twin Cities: 
         "Walking Meditation: The Calming and Centering Effects of Labyrinths"
"Light and photons participate in the business of communicating between our cells, organs and systems, and they must be the information carriers who rule over man's spirit-soul-body synthesis. I believe the entire spectrum of the vibrations in the universe is mirrored in the being, Man. This is confirmed by the first law of Hermes Trismegistos: 'as above, so below.' "
- Peter Mandel

Talk with author Manohar Croke about her new book that contributes to the field of Energy Psychology. "Energy Psychology Using Light and Color" draws important connections to current theories in psychology and neuroscience, and offers supportive insights and effective tools for mental health professionals working with clients on general stress, trauma resolution, co-dependency, addiction, burnout, or even depression.

In this one hour talk, find out from Manohar how she has been able to combine both the traditional skills of psychology with Esogetics Colorpuncture to bring a larger, and lasting, benefit to her clients. Manohar will be presenting about the book and there will be time for questions and answers following.

*Healthy snacks and beverages will be provided during the talk. Space is limited, so please register early. Register Online or call Psinergy at 612-217-4325.

Qigong Practice Group Sunday Qigong Practice Group

Every Sunday starting at 3:30 PM

Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures and movements, breathing techniques and focused intention. The word Qigong (Chi Kung) is made up of two Chinese words. Qi is pronounced chee and is usually translated to mean the life force or vital-energy that flows through all things in the universe.

Note: This is a practice group. Matt is not a professional instructor yet in Qigong. While this is a free activity, we do kindly ask for donations to help fund the use of space, if you so feel inclined.

What to Bring

Please feel free to bring a matt, or something to stand on. The practice space has a concrete floor, and while some may like this, others may not. Also, wear loose comfortable cloths.

[ More Info ]

Holistic Self-Care: Getting Better Sleep & Activating Dreams for Healing

Date: Thursday, October 20 @ 6:30 PMHolistic Self-care: Getting Better Sleep & Activating Dreams for Healing

"Symptoms in the body do not arise from nowhere. Learn how to interpret some of these signals, and more importantly some simple yet effective self-care therapies to help clear through the underlying conflicts via the dreams."

Learn 21+ Holistic self-care therapies that use a combination of touch and a special blend of essential oils to clear blockages and help promote health and well being.

Therapies include body zones to promote dreaming, release emotional polarities and promoting emotional balance and areas to release brain fog and increase mental strength, another to open up joy within your life; a protocol for headaches, cramps, as well as protocols to help with issues with colds, circulatory issues and weather sensitivities…

Cost: $25 (includes manual)

[ Register for Class ]

The New Psychic Boost Package

Includes 9 therapy sessions (8 one-on-one sessions, 1 Synapsis only session). Sessions go in this order:

  1. Esogetics Holographic CrystalsTransfer of Light & Information
  2. Paranormal Centers Daath with Relay of "narrowness" in the individual – Power Nap version
  3. Paranormal Centers of Information – Power Nap version
  4. Paranormal Centers of Images and Symbols – Power Nap version
  5. Paranormal Centers of Daath with Relay of "narrowness" in the individual – Short Gamma version
  6. Paranormal Centers of Information – Short Gamma version
  7. Paranormal Centers of Images and Symbols – Short Gamma version
  8. New therapy protocol for Karma & the Pineal
  9. Synapsis session: Long Gamma

***Most Sessions are about 30 to 45 minutes in length. Sessions #8 & 9 are full hour appointments.

[ Read about Gamma Brainwaves ]

This package, if done as individual appointments, would cost all together $495, though in the package we are offering it for $396. Additionally, if you purchase the package by 10/20/16, we will also give you a 50% off your choice of a Coventry Creations candle in our clinic (PS – we have more than what we have listed online).


[ Purchase Psychic Boost Package ]

How to Purchase the Psychic Boost Package

  1. Go to: https://www.psinergyhealth.com/bookeo/prepaid/ and click "Sign up" or "Sign in"
  2. Click "Prepaid packages"
  3. Click "The Psychic Boost" and then follow the rest of the steps
  4. Need help – call us at (612) 217-4325

How to Schedule your appointments

  1. Go to: https://www.psinergyhealth.com/schedule/
  2. Click *Specials*
  3. Click "Book" under the Psychic Boost 9 pack sessions and then follow the prompts.


What all do we offer here? That's a pretty big question as we offer a lot!

Additionally, on the Health side of our business, we also offer Monthly Wellness Membership to help keep maintaining your wellness more affordable. Also, almost any and all supplements can be purchased through our Online Dispensary - plus, we give you 10-25% off on each order!


And as always --- please keep referring people to us (on the tech side, for computer clients we give you a $10 credit towards future service --- on the health side we are not allowed to do that). If they have questions about what we do, or if we can help (which is very common on the health side of our business)... have them give us a call. We're pretty friendly and try to explain things well.

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Walking Meditation

The Calming and Centering Effects of Labyrinths

Walking Meditation The Calming and Centering Effects of Labyrinths

Bart Everett/Shutterstock.com

While many of us like to meditate, some can't sit still. Walking a labyrinth provides an enticing alternative.

An archetypal labyrinth gently leads us in a circular path inward toward a center and then back out again. Found in ancient cultures from African, Celtic and Greek to Native American, they became especially popular fixtures in Medieval European churches; one of the most renowned is in France's Chartres Cathedral.

Depictions of labyrinths have been included in paintings, pottery, tapestries and in Hopi baskets as a sacred symbol of Mother Earth...


Twin Cities Holistic & Greener Businesses Directory

The Twin Cities Holistic & Greener Directory was created to be an affordable online resource for small and local businesses within the Twin Cities Metro region who are more holistically minded and focused on greener options and services.

Are you a small business owner? Make sure to get listed! It's fast, easy and affordable!

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