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July News: It's HOT out there ๐ŸŒž, Natural Tips to stay cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž, and Mac OS Major Exploit!

When you have Pitta (anger) coming from your mouth and you are spouting fire from it, hold water in your mouth until the fire is calm again ― an old Ayurveda saying
Blessings Psinergy!
July 22, 2016 - Volume 7, Edition 6 -
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July News

"You cannot open a book without learning something."

- Confucius

  • A Tip for the Summer Heat --- and some pretty awesome benefits of Coconut Oil
  • Natural Bug Repellents --- non-toxic alternatives that are effective
  • As easy as Breathing --- Simple Breath tips for reducing stress
  • Natural things to keep bugs away --- Neem Oil + Bugs BeGone Essential Oil, a winning, natural combo!
  • Urgent Mac OS Update --- If you haven't updated to 9.3.3, you're running a major risk!
  • Upcoming Classes & Workshops
  • New Client Summer Special --- Have you thought about trying out Holistic Health?
  • What all do we do: Just a quick list of some of the things we offer...
  • Psinergy's Online Herb & Supplement Dispensary --- 10-25% off, fast shipping
  • More Upcoming Events around Town
  • Natural Awakenings Twin Cities: 
         "Calcium Pills Don't Build Bone Health"


Summer is here - Bring on the fire!

This little one was having some issues with the heat.

Summer is official here! In Ayurveda this is the Pitta, or Fire (and water), time of the year.

When we have too much heat in our system we get irritable, tense muscles, and get a fiery personality in general. On the physical side, inflammation type issues become common, inflamed joints, gout, acne, skin rashes and more. In many ways, looking around on Social Media, watching the news, or just in interactions with people on the street, you could say that America as a whole has too much heat and we are tending to over-react to things, being over critical on smaller things (not saying everything is a small issue), and honestly kind of "butt-facish" to those we love and care about.

In this newsletter, you will find a few tips of how to bring that more manageable for yourself.

(About the picture: the bird in SchaOn's hand was having some major issues with the summer heat. We moved the little one into the shade and gave it a dish of water to help it restore itself. Its brother and sister birds came and joined it until it could recover).

Tips for Summer Heat - Coconut Abhy's...

Coconut Abhyanga: Simply Cooling and Rejuvenating Naturally with the Season

Coconut Abhyanga: Simply Cooling and Rejuvenating Naturally with the Season

June 20, 2016
by SchaOn Blodgett, This last Saturday, June 11 2016, was a scorching hot pre-summer day here in Minnesota, hitting 90 degrees Fahrenheit with a heat index of over 100 for the second day in a row. Ninety degree days are not unheard of in Minnesota, and common towards the end of [...]

Natural Bug & Mosquito Repellents...

Natural Bug & Mosquito Repellents

June 23, 2016
by SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT

It's summer, and time for camping, bonfires and other fun outdoor activities, and with it the bugs that come with it. While we always try to promote being in harmony with the nature around us, which includes the bugs as they are a natural food [...]

As Easy as Breathing...

As Easy as Breathing

July 20, 2016
by Matt Cates

Whether from meditation or yoga, a yawn from being tired, a sigh of grief, or laugh of joy, our breath has more power than we often give thought to.  I believe that's because breathing is so automatic most of us don't even notice when our patterns change even [...]

Urgent: Mac OS Update - Make sure you're updated!

Huge Mac OS Exploit Discovered – Make sure you're updated!

Security & Privacy Updates,Virus / Scam Alerts! July 22, 2016

Beware! Your iPhone Can Be Hacked Remotely With Just A Message In Brief Do you own an iPhone? Mac? Or any Apple device? Just one specially-crafted message can expose your personal information, including your authentication credentials stored in your device's memory, to a hacker. The vulnerability is quite similar to [...]

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Classes, Talks and more...

Classes & Talks at Psinergy

We have a lot of things starting up in the old garage space that we've converted into a meeting and classroom space. We will be scheduling more events, and also opening the space up for others to teach and utilize very soon!

Current List of Upcoming stuff:

For a calendar of all the events happening, go to:

New Client Special!

Have you ever thought about giving Holistic Medicine a try and seeing what it can do? Schedule an Initial Consultation with SchaOn by August 31, and the Initial Consultation is only $59 (normally $175)! That's a HUGE savings!

*Note: if you know someone who can benefit from Holistic Medicine, please let them know about this special ASAP - forward the email!
Schedule Now

What all do we offer here? That's a pretty big question as we offer a lot!

Additionally, on the Health side of our business, we also offer Monthly Wellness Membership to help keep maintaining your wellness more affordable. Also, almost any and all supplements can be purchased through our Online Dispensary - plus, we give you 10-25% off on each order!

And as always --- please keep referring people to us (on the tech side, for computer clients we give you a $10 credit towards future service --- on the health side we are not allowed to do that). If they have questions about what we do, or if we can help (which is very common on the health side of our business)... have them give us a call. We're pretty friendly and try to explain things well.

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Calcium Pills Don't Build Bone Health

Supplements Have Little Effect on Density

Calcium Pills Don't Build Bone Health

Researchers reporting in the British medical journal The Lancet, analyzed 44 studies on calcium supplementation or dietary calcium and bone fractures and concluded, "Dietary calcium intake is not associated with risk of fracture and there is no current evidence that increasing dietary calcium intake prevents fractures." Qualifying studies included more than 44,000 people.


Twin Cities Holistic & Greener Businesses Directory

The Twin Cities Holistic & Greener Directory was created to be an affordable online resource for small and local businesses within the Twin Cities Metro region who are more holistically minded and focused on greener options and services.

Are you a small business owner? Make sure to get listed! It's fast, easy and affordable!

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