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November Newsletter & TechNews

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Tech Tip #14
What runs at Boot

If you have a lot of icons in your system tray, check the settings for the programs you don't need running and tell them not to start with Windows.
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Tech Tips:

We have recently started posting Tech Tips to our blog. These are basic computer tips that are normally pretty easy to implement and can greatly improve your computing experience.

Some of these tips are a little more indepth, so we have added a new service for our Tech Tips and if you would like assistance with any of them, please call us at 612-234-7237.Phone support Quick Tip Fixes/Help solutions are $19.95 per issue/per machine.

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Nov 2012 Tech News & Specials

 Psinergy Techwarrior St. Paul

In this issue:
  • Article: Unfogging Windows 8
  • Tech Tip #14: What runs at Boot?
  • $20 off: Fall Computer Cleanup (onsite)
  • What is... Malware?
  • $25 Referral Credit :: Limited time!
  • Go Local - Some of our Favorite LOCAL Businesses

Unfogging Windows 8

by André Thomas

Windows 8 has officially been out for about two weeks, and now that we've had a chance to do some digging/playing in the real public version, there are a few useful tips that will make the drastic changes a bit more bearable.
How to close the new Apps:
One of the most irritating things we initially encountered with Windows 8 was once you opened one of the new apps, there was no Common Sense way of closing it, no Red X in the upper right hand corner, no File>Close menu, nothing! We actually ended up just restarting the computer initially just to close an app! Thankfully Windows 8 booted in about 38 seconds... though this still is not practical. Eventually, we stumbled upon how to close an app, and it’s actually quite simple... once you know how. First, take your mouse to the top of the app, and you will see a hand appear. Now simply click and hold at the top center of the app window and drag it to the bottom center of the screen. An easy task, we just wish Microsoft would have said something… anything about it.
The Woes of the missing “Start” Button:
One of the biggest noticeable changes in Windows 8 is that there is no “Start” button like previous versions of Windows since Windows 95 and was easily accessed through the Widows key on your keyboard. While the key still functions, it only takes you to the new Start Menu ‘Metro’ interface. Now, there is still some functionality in the lower-left hand corner of your screen, and if you simply hover in the corner of the screen you will see a “Start” Mini-Window that if clicked, takes you back to Metro, though if you right-click, this pops up menu options for Windows 8, including direct access to Programs and Features (to uninstall programs), System, Control Panel, and several others. It does not have an All Programs option, you cannot add programs to this list (from what we can tell), nor does it give you access to commonly used programs.

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Malware is an umbrella term for any program that is "bad" for your computer. Short for Malicious Software.
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To repair this, we would use our standard Virus, Malware, and Spyware removal service.

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