Thursday, November 10, 2011

Referral Credits & Gift Certificates NOW available from Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul!

System Optimization & Cleaning / Computer Tune-up

Computer Tune-Up & Cleaning

Has your computer been running sluggish or could you use what's inside to insulate your house this winter? This is the option for you!
  • Optimize the performance of the programs & hardware of your system,
  • Apply system 'tweaks' to optimize system performance,
  • Check for latest Service Packs, Critical and Important updates that would help with system performance and safety,
  • Clean dust, hair, etc from inside of the computer,
  • Check amount of system RAM (Memory), and other components and offer suggestions as needed,
  • Answer any and all questions and give advice on security software solutions,
  • See the full list of tasks for the Tune-up Service
Referral Credits for Referring Customers!
Refer a customer, get a $10 service credit! As you know, small businesses value their customers deeply, and their work shows it. Since we started our business over 3 years ago, we have wanted to do a "Referral Credit" system, though the issue was... making it easy to keep track of, which is very important for a small business like ours. Well, we have finally found a VERY easy system to help give our customers credit towards services when they refer a new paying customer to us :)

Our new online appointment system takes care of all of it for us :) It asks new customer where they found out about us (and if we see your name, we will apply the credit to your account)... then, the next time you have service with us, any credits on your account will automatically be applied to the service! Note though, if you are booking it yourself, click the "Manage your Account", login, then schedule the service from inside the Customer area.

How awesome is that!

Gift Certificates!
Another AWESOME thing with our new online system is that it allows us to sell Gift Certificates right online. The Gift Certificate gets emailed right over to you so you can print it out. Our Gift Certificates are valid for 5 YEARS :) Also, when you purchase a Gift Certificate for someone else... you are referring us to a new customer... and will see a $10 Service Credit on your account!

To purchase a Gift Certificate for someone, just go to our website at and click "Schedule Repair". From here you click "Purchase Gift Certificate."

*Note: Unfortunately, the system does not allow for the Gift Certificates to be for only a dollar amount, instead they are Gift Certificates for a specific service, so when you purchase a specific service, like the $99 Virus Removal, though lets say they need the Computer Tune-up for $149, the $99 Gift Certificate will be applied to the Computer Tune-up, meaning they will only have to pay $50.

Computer Repair Gift Certificates

The Edge Fall Directory

The Edge Magazine Fall 2011 Resources for Body, Mind & Soul Directory is available online as well as available at SEVERAL locations around the Twin Cities! Many of the business in this directory offer "Green" services, as well as a lot of great services that make awesome gifts.

Help support local businesses by looking through the directory, see if there are services or products that you need from the local community, and then make local purchasing decisions. Also, please share the directory with your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors.

You can find the Edge Directory online here:
Natural Wellness Expo

Natural Wellness Expo

This weekend please join us at The Nicollet Coffee House for a Natural Wellness Expo! This expo features: Natural, Locally Made Laundry Soaps, Healing Balms, AcuLight Therapies, Akhashic Record Readings, Shiatsu & Cranio-Sacral Chair Massage, EFT, Chakra Healing and more!

All services $1/minute! Admission is Free! Noon to 6pm the 2nd Sunday of each month at The Nicollet, 1931 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis.
Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness

got you STRESSED?

Recieve 10% off a Natural Wellness session with the other side of our company, Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness. Use code "StayWell2011" when booking to receive this discount! Offer valid until 11/18/2011
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