Friday, October 28, 2011

Guaranteed Computer Virus Repairs & Fixes --- Or there is No Charge!

 $99 Virus, Malware, and Spyware Removal with Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul

Service Bring to Us... Onsite Pick-up &
$99 Virus, Malware,
and Spyware Removal
$99 $99 $149 n/a
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Description: Our standard virus/malware/spyware removal service. Most virus removals are in this category.
Each additional computer is $50 in same visit.

*Note: If the operating system file system/structure has become corrupted due to the virus, the service is then considered a "System Corruption Repair" or if the disk has become unstable, it may require the Disk Repair Service. If either of those are required, you pay for the higher service fee (we will not double charge you), not both. Make sure to check out our Customer Reviews!
  • Removal of all viruses, spyware, malware and rootkits from the computers,
    • Repair any operating system issues (boot issues, blue screen of death, etc)*
  • Apply system 'tweaks' to optimize system performance,
  • Update operating system with any unapplied critical and important updates,
  • Schedule Weekly or Daily Virus Scanning (based on your needs),
  • Schedule Weekly or Daily Malware Scanning (based on your needs),
  • Check Firewall and Router to ensure basic security settings are active,
  • Schedule Weekly or Monthly (based on your needs) System Defragmention,
  • Answer any and all questions and give advice on security software solutions.

Our Satisfaction Guaranty Promise:

We are great at our job, sometimes these viruses / malware / spyware are a little more invasive and buried a little deeper in the system than most.

If, within 2 days after we fix your computer, you are not completely satisfied with the fix, contact our office and we will have a tech resolve the issue at no additional cost to you!*

(Examples of this would be, we came out to remove a virus causing pop-ups, and you go onto your computer the next day, and your still getting some pop-ups)

*As long as the issue is based on the original issue, and not a new issue, virus, or incident. Still not convinced to use us? Check out our reviews & client testimonials (and you can verify most of them either via links back to the originals on Facebook, Merchant Circle & other places)